Answering a few questions here! I will add more soon~


Who are you?

I am Amy, an Australian cosplayer and model. I have been doing different forms of content creation since 2011. I started off making old video game gifs on tumblr and it grew from there! I live in Queensland, Australia and have for almost my whole life. I have 3 kitties; Turbo, Nibbler and Scruncher. They are all adopted and are my babies. I love gym and keeping healthy mentally and physically!


What do you do?

I mostly do modelling these days, but I still try and do cosplay too! 2020 has been a bit difficult when it comes to shoots, but I am hopeful that I will be back at it soon! I have recently started streaming too because I miss making gaming content. I am also super into photography, mostly portraits, figurines and pets.

What is your stream schedule?
I am currently still working one out! After the holidays I should have my days sorted.


On Patreon/Onlyfans are you fully nude or will you ever do them?
No I am not. I do implied, which I am naked in but you can't see any private bits. Implied is still spicy. I am not comfortable with anything more.

Where can I buy a particular photoset?
All my photosets are available through Patreon on the Ultimate Tier, however if you are after a certain one, its easiest to use OnlyFans for that. I will be working on a better way to do this in the near future!

Can I send you [ ___ ] item to promote on your page?
Sure, I do story posts for free items but feed posts require payment. Contact details are on the bottom of my homepage.

Can you attend [ ____ ] convention?
I currently can only attend conventions in my state located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which are still a 6 hour trip for me to do. If you'd like to see me at an overseas convention or in a different state, it is best to suggest me to be a guest to that particular convention. Travel is very costly!

Favourite cosplay?
I don't really have a favourite really. I do like my Super Bulma and Chucky.. I also really like Yuna but I'd love to reshoot it with the staff!