New P.O. Box + OF Update!

I recently got a new P.O. Box!! My old one was a lil too out of the way, so I chose to get a new one.

My new address is: Amy Rose P.O. Box 5331 Bundaberg West, QLD 4670 Australia OnlyFans?

I have decided to 'pause' my paid account. I will still post to my free one at my own pace. I need to focus on Patreon and other commitments. Patreon is a lot easier to manage when it comes to making content so I have decided to stick with that. It is now a lot easier to do shoots (compared to last year) with the easing of restrictions and travel. Any mobile content will be added to the $10 tier on Patreon (which is cheaper than OF and also less fees on my end) but will be created at my own pace. Old stuff will be added there too! Anyway they are my only updates! I am trying to recover from sickness.. So hopefully I'll be back to creating in no time. Byyyeee ^____~

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