Website Update + Patreon goal!

So here is my new updated website!! Eventually I'd like to add more stuff to it but I think this works for now~ I also think it will be good to share updates here too! Anyway! THE PATREON GOAL! I've been getting some questions so I will answer them here.. The shoots will be EXCLUSIVE to Patreon. The shoots will be on the Ultimate Tiers! Yes, this means full nips and sheer lingerie where you can see nip! No pasties! It is a percentage based goal, so just joining Patreon helps it get closer. The main purpose of the goal isn't so much to just show nips, but to be able to get to my professional photographers regularly meaning more fresh content every month! Well I hope you're all having a good weekend, I have been editing and catching up on a few things. I have finally settled since moving. All the love! <3 Amy

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